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The term "Lem" means to not finish a book and abandon it. This term comes from when the Sword and Laser (audio podcast) was reading Stanisław Lem's Memoirs Found in a Bathtub. Veronica couldn't make it through the book so just gave up reading it.

Dead-Tree Edition

Used when referring to physical books instead of ebooks(kindle, nook, iBooks). usage: I prefer ebooks to the dead-tree editions.

Marmite Book

A book that people either love or hate. The term was proposed during the discussion for The Magicians, which fell into that category as well. Australians may feel more at home with the term Vegemite Book.


The emotion you feel when you wish you had lemmed a book rather than finish it.

"I lemgret The Magicians" - Numerous Sword & Laser readers.

Lord Bookwyrm Lem of Swaser

The cyborg dragon that lives in the S&L pub. Finally revealed it's name on S&L Video 5 when it was successfully guessed by Zach B, May also answer to Lem.